Marina talks about her

There was light.
There was the road.
There was the bike. Matteo was there to fill the heart and make the pedaling become sweet. That morning there was a lot of the world of Marina on that highway.
There was a workout to complete in order to do well in the race.
Because riding a bike is like chasing a dream.
Winning, become a champion.
She rocked that dream from ever and at age 21 years had everything to continue to pursue it. She had everything and could do everything.
Until arrived that car and its murderous maneuver.
The crash.
The darkness.
From everything to nothing, in a few seconds.
Marina Romoli wakes up in a hospital with a massacred face and a paralysis of the lower limbs. She survived the accident but the medical diagnosis is merciless, impossible to accept… How does a 21-year-old girl to deal with all this? How to cope with this calvary? How does a young woman tempered by the most strenuous sport to accept to be sitting in a wheelchair? She does as Marina Romoli.
The anguish and anger remain, but numbing.
The future cannot be seen, but we imagine.
Everyday Marina restarts herself.
And she invents a new life. That is no longer the same as before.
Perhaps it won’t ever be as before.
But it is still a life that is worth living, and in which the principles to get the result remain those of the past.
Sacrifices and effort. To arrive. To cross the finish line.
A finish line that is no longer a white stripe that crosses the road, but it becomes the possibility to walk again.
A goal to achieve, to conquer, hour after hour, day after day.
“At night I dream a finish line, by day I do everything to achieve it”, confesses Marina with that innocence that nothing and no one can ever take away from her face.
Missing the bike, of course, really miss, but the race is the race.
We don’t give up.
We don’t say a words.
We don’t surrender.
And Marina’s race becomes a daily conquest.
Where there is the painful exercise to complete the best, there’s the extra step, there’s the unexpected movement that opens heart and mind.
They call it rehabilitation, but it is actually a slow and gradual return to life.
And with life we can also regain the desire to think, to create, to fantasize, to invent, to make programs.
Above all, to fight.
Marina realizes that in her second life she can do something important.
She can transmit something unique.
Her misadventure, her experience can turn into something from which start to give hope. That hope is now called “Association of Marina Romoli”.
It’s an non-profit organization founded by Marina with Marina.
“I know that sooner or later I’ll walk again – Marina says firmly – And I wish that all those who have experienced tragedies like mine feel that way.
I’ll make it, we’ll make it.
The medicine in this regard runs for us.
Every day it makes a discovery and takes a step forward in identifying solutions.
But in order to progress more and more medicine needs research.
Research can give us back what fate has taken away from us.”
The association of Marina Romoli intends to go in this direction.
Since 2010 it specifically caters to everyone under 30 who, practicing competitive cycling (FCI), have been victims of serious road accidents.
We want to give them two kinds of help: one immediate and tangible, and the other in projection.
The first is economic and serves to allow them to meet the elevated costs of treatment and rehabilitation.
The second is to support research aimed at identifying therapies to treat spinal cord injuries. Marina believes. We all believe it.
And you?

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