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Marina Romoli Onlus has made a donation of €70,000 to the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (nsif), based in the UK.

A paralysed man has been able “to walk again” after a pioneering therapy that involved transplanting cells from his nasal cavity into his spinal cord. The line of research of prof. Raisman and dr. Tabakow, both supported by Nsif, focus on regeneration of the nerve fibers and it is applicable to chronic SCI as shown for the first time by the functional recovery achieved by Darek Fridyka that has been scientifically documented.

A documentary by BBC Panorama last year called To Walk Again, which showcased the pioneering research funded by nsif, led Marina and the board members of her organisation to review the related scientific publications and visit the UK-based charity in January 2015. Read more and watch BBC Panorama To Walk Again BBC Documentary 2014

As Marina Romoli Onlus targets and supports research where it sees the greatest chance of finding a cure for spinal cord injury, it found nsif to be a worthwhile can.

Update March 2016

The Nsif funded research project led by Dr. Pawel Tabakow, of Wroclaw Medical University in Poland, is prepared to accept two further patients. Dr. Tabakow’s team have launched a dedicated website to allow patients worldwide to view the medical criteria for entry into this groundbreaking research programme. Read More

Update January 2017

Prof. Geoffrey Raisman passed away on Friday 27 January 2017. He was a world class scientist and we have lost a great inspiration, his tremendous work and the team that he has developed at University College London (UCL) now led by Professor Ying Li and Dr Daqing Li will ensure his legacy remains. His discoveries will not be lost as his team will continue his brilliant work. Read More

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