Marina Romoli Onlus Association wants to be fully transparent on how money are spent as we have the highest respect for people who support us. The association has the goal to support medical research to find a cure for chronic spinal cord injury and to provide financial support to Italian athletes that become disabled practicing sport activities, in particular to the ones who become paralyzed due to spinal cord injury. Here below you can find informations about how we have allocated the money we have raised so far.

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Research Projects

So far we have supported the following research projects:

Injured Athletes Helped

Every year we have helped several people that have become disabled because of sport accidents with a contribution to cover the cost of some of their urgent needs such as assistive devices or home adaptation.

Here is a list of people helped (for privacy reasons we post just the initials of the names):

2014 – A.S. 5000 €

2014 – A.A. 3000 €

2015 – W.B. 3000 €

2015 – A.S. 2000 €

2015 – A.D. 2.500 €

2015 – L.C. 6.000 €

2016 – A.S. 5.000 €

2017 – M.S. 2000 €

All this has been possible thanks to your contributions.

We hope in the future to do even better! Please visit this page to see how you can support us! Together we can do it!