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Spinal Research –  21st Nework Meeting, London, 6-7 September 2019 

By Prof. Simone Di Giovanni – Imperial College London This year the Spinal Research network meeting held in London on September 6-7 2019 featured an exciting programme. Here below is my summary and discussion of my chosen highlights that hold the promise to accelerate repair and recovery in patients with spinal cord injuries sooner or later. The first day featured interesting talks showing the
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The Marina Romoli Onlus Association (MROA) continue sponsoring a collaboration between two prestigious US universities

In 2017 The Marina Romoli Onlus Association (MROA) has sponsored a collaborative research project between Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and The Ohio State University (OSU). The total contribution has been of $50.000 ($25.000 to CWRU and $25.000 to OSU).   After reviewing the preliminary results of the first part of the project completed in 2017, the board of MROA has decided to give
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Promoting safe participation in sport activities to prevent paralysis

By Marina Romoli Onlus Association The Marina Romoli Onlus Association has been meeting students from primary schools to promote safe participation in sports and in particular to raise awareness about the consequences of Spinal Cord Injury, how to prevent it and how to help finding a cure. On February 24th 2017 Loredana Longo, Vice President of Marina Romoli Onlus Association, has met students from
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MROA sponsors a collaboration between two prestigious US universities

02/10/2017 – The Marina Romoli Onlus Association (MROA) is sponsoring a new collaborative research project between Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) and The Ohio State University (OSU). The total contribution has been of $50.000 ($25.000 for CWRU and $25.000 for OSU). The title of the project is: “Promoting functional reorganization in the injured spinal cord using a combinatorial strategy to maximize recovery”. The Research will be supervised
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Cure girls new campaign

cure girls marina romoli

Last week, two of the Cure Girls, Loredana & Marina flew to London from Italy to meet me (Lolly) and attend some very important meetings with researchers and also a meeting with the charity Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (NSIF) for an update on their latest research news.  While we were together we wanted to take advantage of that as there are 7 of us altogether
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Cure girls meeting in London

cure girls londra

People who follow us on social media have noted that the Cure Girls Lolly, Marina and Loredana have met in London few days ago. We went to Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (NSIF) office to get an update, we also had a chance to meet few researchers that were in London for the annual Spinal Research network meeting. As many of you will remember last year we donated about € 70
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EICMA Charity Race for Marina Romoli Onlus

EICMA piloti Marina Romoli Onlus Moto Live

For its 73rd edition, EICMA has decided to dedicate the annual Charity Race to the charity Marina Romoli Onlus (MRO). The race, which took place on Sunday, November 22nd in the MotoLive arena, consisted of a relay race with teams competing in different categories (Flat Track, Motocross, Quad). The prize money of 10,000 euros went to MRO. The association was created in 2011, after
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Italian and UK charities work together to fund spinal cord injury research

In a joint effort to help fund a cure for spinal cord injury, Marina Romoli Onlus, a voluntary non-profit organisation based in Italy, has made a donation of €70,000 to the Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (nsif), based in the UK. Marina Romoli Onlus was founded in 2011 by Marina Romoli, a professional cyclist who was left paraplegic after a road accident during a training
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Marina godmother of Trofeo Delcar

The 2015 edition of Trofeo Delcar will be not only synonymous of competitive spirit. Cross country races scheduled in Montichiari (BS) on 11th and 12th April will be in fact a great excuse for the international off-road world to party and do something good all together. On Saturday, fans of fat wheels after witnessing the Italian Team Relay Championship, in the magnificent scenery offered
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