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Cure girls new campaign

Last week, two of the Cure Girls, Loredana & Marina flew to London from Italy to meet me (Lolly) and attend some very important meetings with researchers and also a meeting with the charity Nicholls Spinal Injury Foundation (NSIF) for an update on their latest research news. 
While we were together we wanted to take advantage of that as there are 7 of us altogether and it’s not often we get to see each other, even though we work together online on a daily basis. So we got thinking.. Let’s do a campaign together! An idea came to us that this is a perfect time to launch a cure campaign to tie in with the launch of the Paralympics 2016 in Rio. We decided to see if we could change people’s perceptions of people living with a spinal cord injury, because at present its not very “PC” to talk about a cure and sometimes looked upon as not accepting our situation, being depressed and even deluded. We wanted to do a photoshoot to try and start a new trend and encourage people to mention the importance of cure/research. Living with a spinal cord injury is not glamorous at all and causes difficulty in normal day to day living BUT could the Cure Girls make fighting for a cure “glamorous” and promote a new way of thinking? For the first time, we want to do a photoshoot and make some striking images of three feisty women fighting for a cure and pushing the boundaries with a strong pro-cure message behind it and not just that but actually informing people what it’s really like living with a spinal cord injury. Also the issues we are facing on a daily basis including the health problems that go along with the injury. These issues are never raised!  The campaign will show that we are women who are living life to the fullest despite these awful injuries and that are not sad or deluded! We all have very busy lifestyles BUT we are fighting to make the impossible, POSSIBLE by not accepting what destiny has given us but actually challenging that and working towards finding a cure.

The images will be launched on social media next week and will also be featured in magazines and news publications in both UK and Italy. Below, you can see some behind the scenes pictures of the campaign photoshoot. We had a great team of people working behind the scenes, Michelle George Photography, Sarah Monrose Glow Photography and make-up artist Lauren Kay. Huge thanks also to Deborah Milward for helping us with the PR and The Hospital Club, London for being able to shoot at such an amazing venue.

Cure Girl Lolly.

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