The Marina Romoli Onlus Association was created in 2011 when the professional cyclist Maria Romoli became paraplegic after she was hit by a car during a training session. The association has the goal to support medical research to find a cure for chronic spinal cord injury and to provide financial support to athletes that become disabled practicing sport activities, in particular to the ones who become paralyzed due to spinal cord injury. Moreover the association promotes events to educate people on how to practice sports safely using protective gears and following all recommended safety rules.To pursue these goals the association organizes fundraising events with the support of many top professional cyclists and motorbike riders. Please support Marina Romoli Onlus Association because as Marina like to say: “If we dream alone is only a dream, but if we dream together it becomes reality. TOGETHER WE CAN DO IT!”

Marina Romoli non-profit Organization is made up of people, here they are:

Marina Romoli President

Marina Romoli

Marina was born on June 9th, 1988 in Recanati (MC), Italy. She has been a professional cyclist for two years after her successes in the junior categories. Unfortunately, on June 1st 2010, during a road training session she was hit by a car. As a result of the crash she suffered a blunt force trauma to her face and a severe Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) that made her paralysed from the chest down, so she is “paraplegic”.Since that day her dream has been to get back to a happy and independent life not just for herself, but also for others who are living with paralysis caused by Chronic Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). The only way to make this dream come true is to find a cure for Chronic Spinal Cord Injury. For this reason the “Marina Romoli Onlus Association” (MROA) was created. Another goal of the association is to help young people who have suffered the same fate with their immediate needs such as house adaptation for paralysed people. Marina Romoli is now President of MROA.

Loredana Longo Vice-President

Loredana Longo

Loredana was born on October 26th, 1983 in Pavia, Italy and she is the Vice-President of the “Marina Romoli Onlus Association” (MROA). In 2001, at age 17, following a car accident, she became paralysed from the chest down due to a severe spinal cord injury, so she is paraplegic like Marina. After the accident, Loredana graduated from college and got a job in a bus company. Every day she tries to “live” her life “actively”, but paralysis limits her freedom and independence. Loredana has learned to deal with paralysis, but never gave up the dream of a cure. In fact over the years she has followed the progress of medical research in the field of spinal cord injury. In 2011 Loredana met Marina in 2011 and since then they have joined forces to fight together to make their dream come true. In 2012 Loredana also started the blog “Cure Girls” to bring together girls from all over the world that like her and Marina are actively supporting the effort to reverse paralysis caused by Chronic Spinal Cord Injury.

Giulia De Maio sports journalist

Giulia De Maio

Giulia was born on September 10th, 1989 in Seveso, Italy. She is a sport journalist, expert in cycling, who writes for the magazine “tuttoBICI”, the websites tuttobiciweb.it and tuttobicitech.it. She also collaborates with the newspaper “La Gazzetta dello Sport” and the British newspapers “ProCycling” and “Rouleur”. Then she takes care of the press offices of the “Professional Cyclists Runners Italian Association”, of the rider Marco Aurelio Fontana and of few cycling  events. She use to be a cyclist and raced with Marina, now she’s the treasurer and the secretary of the Marina Romoli Onlus Association (MROA.She is also in charge of the Public relations for MROA. This is her personal website: www.giuliademaio.com

Marisa Nuciari

Marisa Nuciari

Marisa is Marina Romoli’s mother. She was born on November 22nd in 1958, in Fermo. She’s currently a housewife and an active part of the Association. In fact she runs the stand with all the gadgets and you will always find her during events and visits to research laboratories, next to Marina and along with Loredana LongoMarisa says: “I now live just to make my children happy, especially I live to help my daughter make her dream come true: Chronic Spinal Cord Injury must become curable!

Paolo Romoli

Paolo Romoli

Paolo, is Marina Romoli’s brother. He was born on April 2nd, 1987 in Recanati (MC), Italy. He’s graduated in “Linguistic Mediation” and is also alongside Marina to help her running the Marina Romoli Onlus Association. Paolo, in addition to helping Marina in everydays life, is an active part of the association: he handles the logistics of gadgets shipments etc..When we participate in an event Paolo will always be at the association’s stand along with Marina, Giulia and Loredana.