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Donate 5 x 1000 to our non-profit organization is simple and above all it doesn’t cost anything

Five per thousand indicates a share of personal income tax to give support, including entities carrying out socially relevant activities (eg. non-profit, scientific research). The payment is at the discretion of the taxpaying public, together with the tax return. 
Source: Wikipedia

modulo 5x1000

The taxpayer, as a Natural Person, may allocate the share of 5 per thousand of his personal income tax signing one of the five special boxes appearing on the tax return modules.

How can you donate?

In order to donate 5 × 1000 to our non-profit organization specifically, you have to sign and write our tax code 91122600157 in the first box on the left (which you see in the facsimile above) dedicated to non-profit organizations and volunteer present on your income tax return form..

The deadline for the donation of 5 × 1000 coincides with the deadline for filing the statement. For the presentation of the tax return in 2014 (for 2013), the deadline to fill the form to your employer or competence is April 30th. For submission of the declaration, you can enlist the help of a specialized office, thus delayed the deadline to June 3rd. For other forms, the deadline is September 30th 2014, or it varies depending on the end of the tax period and it is fixed to the last day of the ninth month following the end of these.

To be constantly informed about all the tax income form deadlines and to control any extensions or various news, it is advised to constantly monitor the “tickler” on the official website.

The donation of 5 × 1000 is totally independent of that of 8 × 1000. In fact they are on separate tabs.

The non-profit organization of Marina Romoli will use the 5 × 1000 donating to projects of international importance that aim to research about spinal injury.